Bharat – A Gig Economy Powerhouse Forever |#Bharat@22

September 08, 2021 | 5:54 am

Since time immemorial, Bharat has been a entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneur-driven country and culture. Even forces were recruited in times of War. There was no culture of jobs or naukri. We had small ecosystems called villages that served the large ecosystems called of cities, states, and countries.

The farmers worked to ensure food supply. The carpenters ensured that tools for everyone’s needs were readily available. But yet, they were all freelancers. The blacksmith with his skills didn’t work in a factory or forge. He too was a microprenuer, a service provider, a freelancer. The teachers, priests, artists, craftsmen, masons, architects, etc., were all freelancers, working from project to project in local communities.

Shifting cities to deliver bigger projects and came back to their native places after delivery. Industrialization worked on military precision, hence needed an army of dedicated workers. All this was the story of the 19th-20th century. By the 21st Century, most of the routine manufacturing and production work was being surely and steadfastly moved to automation.

Now, the world is moving back to gig-based economy. Experts- skilled, passionate, experienced people- now have the capability to work from wherever, for whomever, across the world. This also gives them the chance to learn new skills, adapt, adopt new technologies. Platforms like MyMobiforce, Field Nation, Fiverr, Upwork, etc., are unleashing opportunities for those willing to challenge the status quo and stay ahead of the curve.

Tech is finally being used to amplify good, and create and share better opportunities and wealth. Bharat has always been at the forefront of technology evolution often skipping few generations. Like we jumped from Euro 4 to 6, 2G with a small stint of 3G to 4G. We almost skipped pagers and moved from landlines to mobiles. We might be skipping the electric revolution and jumping to the hydrogen opportunity in energy security.

That’s what Bharat is. The way Bharat has adapted to digital life banking, payments, data penetration. The world’s greatest threat in modern time couldn’t stop the continuity, momentum of this evolution. Work from home is evolving to work from anywhere. For the first time in 2 decades, people can now stay at their native places for more than holidays. They evaluated the pros and cons, facilities, cost-benefit, opportunities, etc. They seem to be realizing that opportunities are emerging beyond metros like never before. That they can make a decent living, in fact, better opportunities in smaller towns as many technically skilled people chose immigration.

Gig workers are going to be the driving force of this transformation. Competing, collaborating for various projects. Industries need them, to deliver installations, services, without Fixed overheads. It’s a win-win model powered by technology. In a land of billion people and hundreds of geographic, demographic challenges. It’s millions of opportunities. Tested to scale for global readiness. For the developed and developing world alike. A model that creates equal opportunities and better distribution of wealth. The model that’s sustainable, scalable, revenue-driven, and full of possibilities for all stakeholders.

These models are already in huge demand across the world. The upgraded versions coming from Bharat will be driven By EI ( Emotional Intelligence ) and CI (Collective Intelligence ), more than just AI ( Artificial Intelligence) that can be game-changers for Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa alike.

Gig Platforms will work like technical resource power grids for the future and not just market place. Meeting the demand and Supply of industry and skills. The Platforms driven by AI will get better with time as algorithms improve, people adapt to the ecosystem, and pay per use becomes the norm. The way Uber/Ola have transformed the way we commute.

It’s now time for #Bharat in 2022 to lead the Gig economy revolution of the world with its skills, technology, and manpower pool at its disposal and help the world out.