How Business can use the contingent workforce to deliver better ,faster and cost effective field Service?

September 29, 2020 | 9:08 pm

The term contingent workforce means freelancer workforce which is available to work for you on-demand.

It’s interesting to see how Field Service Industry has transformed in last 2 decades from In- House to Outsource and now rapidly moving towards crowdsourcing. Most of the organisations are trying to create a right blend of Fixed Teams, Third Party Vendors and Freelancer ecosystem to handle the Field Service Dynamics.

The expansion of on-demand model has made it simpler for organizations to connect with the freelancer workforce and perceive their various advantages- including greater flexibility, instant support for specific projects, on-demand access to expertise, and reduce overhead costs for the company. Tapping into the On-Demand workforce allows organizations to be deft by smoothly shifting their business as new challenges arise.

Many White-good SMBs, Telecom & IT Leaders are changing their projects executions with emerging crowd-sourcing platform MyMobiforce , to find Network, Software, IT, Systems, Telecom, Routers/Switching, ATMs, POS, White goods etc.

Let’s look at the detailed benefit of using On-Demand Workforce to fuel their business growth and reducing overheads:

  1. New Project & Rapid Deployment When the rapid deployment is required, hiring full-time skilled employees consume time to transfer thought into execution, liquid force plays a significant role in on-demand hiring and faster processing.
    • When entering go-to-market strategy and rapid deployment is required because of a competitive environment
    • Working with the liquid workforce allows companies to find talent outside their geographical limits.
    • Pilot testing national expansion with a new product with local on-demand skilled talent before full roll-out nationally
    • Handling a particular problem for a client
    • Handling a large order
  2. Budget Constraints and Deployment is Necessary
    • Picking up a new contract in a new location without budget constraints
    • Reduce in travel expenses due to local skilled workforce
    • Covering leave time of existing employees without losing production hours
    • Managing unpredictable demands
    • Pay for the actual time spent on a project

How MyMobiForce Help with On-Demand Workforce?

With MyMobiForce on-demand Field Engineer platform, organizations can easily get access to On-Demand pool of vetted workforce for business expansion anytime, anywhere, when needed. Whether it’s a Router installation, SD-WAN Deployment, Microwave installation and commissioning, Network planning to white goods after sales support, finding a new talent for your entire Network, Telecom, IT technicians, Systems and field engineering jobs is easy with the help of MyMobiForce On-demand workforce Platform.