SIS Alarm/CCTV Installation/Repair Jobs1000 Openings

Earning: Up to 45,0000*/month
Location: PAN-India
Tools Required: Laptop, Console Cable
Certifications: Any Brand Specific Training, Govt Training , ITI Certificates
Exp: 2+ Y

2,500 people interested in this job.

Posted on : 11-Jan-2023

Expires on : 20-May-2023

Job Requirements

Networking Engineer/CCTV Engineer


ITI in electrical/networking/telecom preferred


Regional Language + Basic English



Project Location

Business premises at PAN-India level

SIS CCTV/Alarm Project Job Description

Security Information Systems Inc. is a global leader in high-performance alarm monitoring and integration software for the security industry. It has active projects across Indian serving customers of all shapes and sizes. MyMobiForce helps SIS with their field operations by providing them with skilled field technicians of networking domain.
In this project, we are looking to onboard CCTV technicians who are looking for high-ticket projects with good ticket load.
As a MyMobiForce CCTV installation partenr, you will haev the responsibilty of looking after your teams and ensuring that the requried CCTVs are being installed or repired within the given time limit and following the right SOPs.

Why select the SIS project using MyMobiForce (MMF)?

Are you a skilled CCTV technician hunting for excellent CCTV installation job opportunities?  Then you can go with the SIS CCTV project on our portal MyMobiForce (MMF) jobs. Security Information Systems Inc. is a global leader in high-performance alarm monitoring and integration software for the security industry. Going with SIS CCTV projects enhances your skills as a CCTV technician.

And once you have improved your CCTV kit installation capabilities post SIS projects, you stand to get exceptional job opportunities and become a well-paid CCTV technician in India.

SIS Assignment: How to enhance your career as a CCTV specialist working on SIS ventures with MyMobiForce (MMF)?

To get better at the CCTV installation profession while working on the SIS CCTV project, there are a number of routes that you can take. Number 1: Striving to hone your CCTV specialist abilities. Utilize the growth opportunities offered by MyMobiForce (MMF), and keep searching for skill-based certifications in the CCTV installation and repair industry.

Don't let the idea of networking with other CCTV specialists in your area, CCTV commercial experts, and potential clients skip your mind to gain insights and enhance your effectiveness as a CCTV specialist and an aspirant pursuing ITI jobs in India.

Why choose SIS ventures to obtain ITI jobs in India as a CCTV technician

Choosing an SIS project to get active CCTV technician jobs is nothing short of your best bet. Opting for the SIS project to acquire CCTV installation jobs as a CCTV technician comes with a chance to gain direct familiarity with your trade as a CCTV specialist.

Usually, going ahead with a SIS venture as a CCTV technician can provide a remarkable foundation for technicians to create and prosper in their professions in the CCTV industry.



What exactly is MyMobiForce?

MyMobiForce is an online community for technicians that provides them with the opportunity to work with top Indian companies and earn more on a freelance basis, while also providing them with other social benefits and opportunities.

How will I get informed of CCTV camera installation location?

All information regarding any project or installation will be relayed to you through our mobile app and also via your particular project coordinator.

How will I get paid once I have done my job?

At MyMobiForce, we always take financial interests of our freelancers and technicians as our top priority. So once you sign up for the project, your project lead will also inform you about the payment frequency of your reppective project.

How will I get the leads everyday?

All leads from our side will be available on your MyMobiForce dashboard only. If you have a team of CCTV engineers, then you can also add them under your supervision in the app and assign them the leads at your own level.

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