Lavelle Network Engineer Job for SD-WAN Router Installation2000 Openings

Earning: Up to 60,000*/month
Location: PAN-India
Tools Required: Laptop, Pen Drive, Screw driver set
Certifications: Any Brand-Specific Training, Govt. Training , ITI Certificate
Exp: 2+ Y

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Posted on : 04-Jan-2023

Expires on : 20-May-2023

Job Requirements

Networking Engineer Skills


ITI/Skill certification in electrical/networking prefered


Regional Language + Basic English



Project Location

Indoor/business premises at PAN-India level

Lavelle Network Engineer Job Description

Lavelle helps organizations to leverage IT for competitive advantage and to derive business value. MyMobiForce helps Lavelle with their field operations by providing them with skilled field technicians of networking domain.
In this project, we are looking to onboard networking engineers who are looking for high-ticket projects with good ticket load.
As a MyMobiForce networking partner, you will have the responsibilty of looking after your teams and ensuring that the project is implemented within the given time limit and following the right SOPs.

Top reasons to choose Lavelle jobs and projects available on MyMobiForce (MMF)?

Do you possess skills in repairing personal computers, laptops, and other computing devices? Then you can contribute to the Lavelle desktop repair project as an experienced desktop engineer. Currently, Lavelle is engaged in projects in India. Desktop technicians from MyMobiForce (MMF) are supporting Velocis field services.

If you have the ability to fix computers and laptops, you can work as a desktop engineer in India and earn a considerable income by working on a Team Computing project.

Computer Repair Project at Lavelle: How can MyMobiForce (MMF) help you progress as a desktop engineer with Lavelle Jobs?

To accomplish the Lavelle computer repair jobs successfully and improve your desktop repair and placement abilities, you may need to complete certain tasks. Learn more about desktop technology before starting. Make sure to take advantage of MyMobiForce's (MMF) most excellent training opportunities and watch out for computer repair-related certifications and aptitude exams.

Lastly, remember to connect with other hardware and technology specialists and potential business customers. This will assist you in gaining insight and improving your performance as a desktop technician and a potential candidate for interconnection employment in India.

If you want to work as a desktop engineer in India and seek professional development, why should you opt for Lavelle jobs?

Lavelle is among the top choices for desktop technicians seeking advancement in their field since it provides excellent educational opportunities for computing hardware professionals.


What exactly is MyMobiForce?

MyMobiForce is an online community for technicians that provides them with the opportunity to work with top Indian companies and earn more on a freelance basis, while also providing them with other social benefits and opportunities.

What will be the location for SD-WAN Router repair jobs?

Information regarding installation of devices will always be conveyed to you or your team via in advance with clear instructions, so you can prepare yourself using the right oeprations and safety equipement.

How will I get paid once I have done my job?

At MyMobiForce, we always take financial interests of our freelancers and technicians as our top priority. So once you sign up for the project, your project lead will also inform you about the payment frequency of your reppective project.

How will I get the leads everyday?

All leads from our side will be available on your MyMobiForce dashboard only. If you have a team of networking engineers, then you can also add them under your supervision in the app and assign them the leads at your own level.

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