Jeeves Electricians Jobs for Home Appliance 2000 Openings

Earning: Up to 48,000*/month
Location: PAN-India
Tools Required: Installation Tool Kit, Safety Kit
Certifications: Any Brand-Specific Training, Govt. Training , ITI Certificate
Exp: 2+ Y

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Posted on : 27-Jan-2023

Expires on : 13-May-2023

Job Requirements

Electrician Skills


ITI in electrical preferred


Regional Language + Basic English



Project Location

Business premises/customer homes at PAN-India level

Jeeves Electrician Jobs Description

Jeeves Consumer Services Pvt. Ltd is one stop service point for all electronics, electrical and IT products. MyMobiForce helps Jeeves with their field operations by providing them with skilled field technicians of electrical repair domain.
In this project, we are looking to onboard electricians who are looking for high-ticket projects with good ticket load.
As a MyMobiForce electrician, you will have the responsibilty of looking after your teams and ensuring that the project is implemented within the given time limit and following the right SOPs.

Why should you join MyMobiForce for Jeeves electrician jobs?

Selecting the appropriate platform that provides you with the optimal chance to work on commonly used household devices is crucial for electricians aspiring to advance in their careers.

MyMobiForce collaborates closely with leading companies in the same field, providing comprehensive skill development, competitive compensation, and abundant prospects for growth. By choosing MMF, you can ensure a rewarding and successful career in the electrical industry.

Electrician jobs at Jeeves: How can MyMobiForce (MMF) support your progression as an Electrician in Jeeves?

To thrive in Jeeves electrician positions, staying updated with industry-endorsed standards and technological advancements is essential. MyMobiForce (MMF) assists you in achieving this by offering comprehensive training modules, certifications, and proficiency exams tailored for the electrical field.

Furthermore, MMF fosters collaboration with fellow electricians and business clients, encouraging information sharing and skill enhancement.This partnership, along with MMF's steadfast support, ensures that you can confidently overcome any technical challenges and thrive in your Oneassist electrician role.

Why should you contemplate working as an electrician in India at Jeeves?

Jeeves is a top option for ambitious electrical professionals in India because of its outstanding opportunities for advancement in the electrical domain. With a strong reputation in the industry and a wide array of customers, Jeeves provides a dynamic workplace that enables you to acquire priceless expertise, enhance your skills, and collaborate with state-of-the-art technologies.

This guarantees a gratifying and prosperous career in the electrical field.



What exactly is MyMobiForce?

MyMobiForce is an online community for technicians that provides them with the opportunity to work with top Indian companies and earn more on a freelance basis, while also providing them with other social benefits and opportunities.

What will be the location for home appliance installation and repair jobs/projects for Electricians?

Information regarding installation of devices will always be conveyed to you or your team via in advance with clear instructions, so you can prepare yourself using the right oeprations and safety equipement.

How will I get paid once I have done my job?

At MyMobiForce, we always take financial interests of our freelancers and technicians as our top priority. So once you sign up for the project, your project lead will also inform you about the payment frequency of your reppective project.

How will I get the leads everyday?

All leads from our side will be available on your MyMobiForce dashboard only. If you have a team of electricians, then you can also add them under your supervision in the app and assign them the leads at your own level.

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