Blue Star RO Installation, Demo and Prenventive Maintenance Jobs2000 Openings

Earning: Up to 30,000*/month
Location: PAN-India
Tools Required: Installation Tool Kit, Safety Kit
Certifications: Any Brand-Specific Training, Govt. Training , ITI Certificate
Exp: 2+ Y

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Posted on : 14-Jan-2023

Expires on : 19-May-2023

Job Requirements

Electrician Skills


ITI in electrical preferred


Regional Language + Basic English



Project Location

Customer homes at PAN-India level

Blue Start Project Job Description

Blue Star has been manufacturing air conditioners, air purifiers & water coolers that are exceptional, reliable & perform with unparalleled efficiency. MyMobiForce helps Blue Star with their field operations by providing them with skilled field technicians of electrical repair domain.
In this project, we are looking to onboard electricians who are looking for high-ticket projects with good ticket load.
As a MyMobiForce electrician, you will have the responsibilty of looking after your teams and ensuring that the project is implemented within the given time limit and following the right SOPs.

Why pick up Blue Star Jobs using MyMobiForce (MMF)?

If you are a skilled ITI electrician looking for good ITI jobs, then the Blue Star project is where the buck stops for you. We suggest you go with BlueStar projects live on our MyMobiForce (MMF) portal. This is because Blue Star is India's one the top AC, commercial refrigerator, and water cooling device makers in India. Choosing to work with such important and popular electrical devices can boost your skills as an ITI electrician. Once you are done improving your electrician skill set post Blue Star jobs, you can further attract excellent earning opportunities and become a well-paid ITI electrician in India.

Blue Star Career: How to grow your career as an electrician working on Blue Star projects with MyMobiForce (MMF)?

To enhance your professional growth as an ITI electrician employed on Blue Star tasks, there are numerous measures you should choose to execute. Numero Uno, you should Strive to sharpen your electrician skills. Utilise the expansion prospects extended by MyMobiForce (MMF), and additionally, persist in exploring for skill-based certifications. Ultimately, never forget to network with other electricians in your circle, ITI commercial experts, and your potential customers to gain insights to improve your effectiveness as an electrician and an aspirant pursuing ITI jobs in India.  

Why to choose Blue Star projects to get ITI jobs in India as Electrician

Opting for Blue Star projects to get hold of active ITI jobs in India as an electrician is a favorable decision for more reasons that one could care to count. Electing the Blue Star project to seize ITI jobs as an electrician comes with a prospect to acquire direct familiarity with your trade as an electrician. In general, going ahead with working Blue Star employment as an ITI electrician can furnish a remarkable foundation for electricians to create and prosper in their professions in the electrician industry.


What exactly is MyMobiForce?

MyMobiForce is an online community for technicians that provides them with the opportunity to work with top Indian companies and earn more on a freelance basis, while also providing them with other social benefits and opportunities.

What will be the location for ro installation, demo and Prenventive maintenance jobs/projects?

Information regarding installation of devices will always be conveyed to you or your team via in advance with clear instructions, so you can prepare yourself using the right oeprations and safety equipement.

How will I get paid once I have done my job?

At MyMobiForce, we always take financial interests of our freelancers and technicians as our top priority. So once you sign up for the project, your project lead will also inform you about the payment frequency of your reppective project.

How will I get the leads everyday?

All leads from our side will be available on your MyMobiForce dashboard only. If you have a team of electricians, then you can also add them under your supervision in the app and assign them the leads at your own level.

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