Customer is King
by Dheeraj Khatter/ 1234 view/ 12 January 2018

Enough has been said and discussed about it. And almost unanimously we will agree that the make or break of the sacred relationship between the customer and the brand is through the product (obviously). But what we tend to misjudge is the importance of how the customer feels once they possess the product.

The one stop answer to all these pertinent questions is the Post- Purchase experience of the customer with the product and brand - Customer Service. Finding out if the customer is satisfied or not is the first step. And if they are suffering from a dissonance, we have lost a customer if we don’t solve ALL the problems ASAP.

Clearly the fact is acquiring a new customer costs 5-6 times more than retaining a customer. So definitely not an option, solving the problems is a better option. Because providing the best customer service can very well be the differentiating factor for the product that’s being sold.

And that’s exactly what our product will help in - Satisfy your customers through “MyMobiforce- workforce as a service”. We have created a platform which connects the Business owners with a freelance community of Field workforce. As businesses, demand forecasting is very important, hence to manage the peak demand you will need the qualified support. While the businesses could do a smart search and find On-Demand qualified quality technicians, the technicians can find instant work in the local areas and start earning immediately. We have created a two-way channel which benefits all the stakeholders.

The business owners can find verified workforce (technician and engineers) anytime, anywhere. Technicians and engineers can find local work which will add value, pay them well and help them build a career. A place which is trying to structure the unstructured & not yet explored market for benefiting the end user & building the brand for the corporates.

It is the place where businesses go to get work done. It’s a Network of trusted businesses and contract service providers where demand and supply of technicians to carry out field Activities can be met real time.

Dheeraj Khatter, Co-Founder & Director

Corporate Expertise of 13 years in Sales & Business Previous association with HCL as APM B.Tech (ECE) NIT Kurukshetra.

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