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Rise of Liquid Workforce after Corona Pandemic

September 29, 2020 | 9:08 pm

The corona pandemic was unexpected for all the countries and all the businesses. The impact of Covid-19 on health, economies, and markets is an unfolding story that is complex and fluid in its ever-changing dimensions. No country was fully capable of handling such big shot pandemic whose impact is visible on the organizations and nature of the workplace. Due to a broad spread across the globe nation declared lockdown, and organizations have scrambled to comply with lockdown restrictions while keeping the operations going on.

Due to corona pandemic, to and fro travel was banned, causing delays or no delivery/execution of running projects for businesses. This is not the only problem with the delivery or implementation, and the markets were not able to capture new projects or end up losing one.

As the COVID crisis deepens, organizations are facing a stark choice: make massive cuts in anticipation of an economic downturn, only to scramble to rehire; or be forced to pay staff that’s no longer needed, given the economic realities. Having full-time staff comes with a responsibility for any business to cater to all their needs and keep them together for the expertise they have, every problem has its solution in place, and for this ‘Liquid Workforce Model’.

My Mobiforce is a platform that provides the brand with the hassle-free and on-demand liquid Engineer/technician workforce to cater to their needs related to Network/Telecom, SMB, white goods, ATM/POS, etc. Book an expert to complete your project anytime, anywhere in the country to deliver quickly and pay as per your budget and plan. Let’s take a look at the benefits a company gets hiring a freelance project-based engineer:

  1. Exact Skills & Expertise: When you hire a freelancer, you look for the precise skill-set for the specific project which lowers the cost of training and increases the standard and the quality of delivering the project as you get a person on-board that have the particular expertise of what you are looking. With the help of My Mobiforce, you get the pool of talented skilled professional, which makes the process faster and less cumbersome than to hire a salaried staff.
  2. Pay-Per-Order: While hiring a Full-time staff you have to make sure that you keep them for longer payroll for all the future endeavours for the company, but hiring a freelancer with exact skill-set lowers the cost as you have to look for someone who fits the bill for that specific project.
  3. Empower Offsite Work from Anywhere. Anytime: When requirements turn out to come from a different location from your organization, an on-demand freelancer helps you get your job done with their skill-set on different areas reducing a travel expense for the company.

Benefits of Having My Mobiforce

With My MobiForce on-demand Field Engineer platform, organizations can quickly get access to the On-Demand pool of vetted workforce for business expansion anytime, anywhere, when needed. Whether it’s a Router installation, SD-WAN Deployment, Microwave installation, and commissioning, Network planning to white goods after-sales support, finding new talent for your entire Network, Telecom, IT technicians, Systems and field engineering jobs is easy with the help of MyMobiForce On-demand workforce Platform.