Telecom engineer Salary in India

May 11, 2023

Telecom engineer salary range: 1.5 Lakh/Y to 15 Lakh/Y*

Gaining insight into the average salary for a Telecom Engineer is vital when charting your career path in this domain. Entry-level Telecom Engineers can around 1.5 lakh/year*.With good experience, a telecom engineer’s salary can go up to 14-15 Lakh/year*. The average salary of a telecom engineer can go generally up to 5-6 lakh/year/*. Aspects such as experience, geographic location, and the employing company typically affect a Telecom Engineer's salary in India.

It's essential to recognize that salary levels can vary considerably depending on the location, with urban centers generally providing higher salaries in comparison to smaller towns and rural regions.

Moreover, aspects such as the size and reputation of the employer, demand for Telecom Engineers, and other contributing factors can influence salary rates. To obtain precise and current salary details, it is advisable to investigate and consult trustworthy sources.

*Note: Information gathered from multiple sources and surveys.

Factors that influence telecom engineer salary

Experience: The level of experience a Telecom Engineer has can significantly impact their salary. As professionals gain expertise and develop their skillset in the industry, they can command higher salaries and attract better job opportunities.

Location: Salaries for Telecom Engineers can vary greatly based on the region. Metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore generally offer higher salaries compared to smaller towns and rural areas, owing to the presence of larger companies and higher costs of living.

Certifications: Acquiring industry-recognized certifications can boost a Telecom Engineer's salary. Certifications like Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate (JNCIA), and other telecommunications-focused certifications demonstrate a higher level of expertise, making candidates more desirable to employers.

Employer Size and Reputation: The size and reputation of the employer can have a significant impact on salary levels. Larger, well-known companies may offer higher salaries and benefits compared to smaller organizations or startups.

Skillset and Specialization: Telecom Engineers with specialized skills in high-demand areas such as wireless communication, network security, or fiber optics may command higher salaries. Possessing expertise in specific technologies or platforms can make a candidate more valuable to potential employers.

In conclusion, a Telecom Engineer's salary in India is influenced by factors such as experience, location, certifications, employer size and reputation, and skillset specialization. To maximize their earning potential, Telecom Engineers should invest in their professional development, stay up-to-date with industry trends, and consider the various factors that can impact their salary when evaluating job opportunities.


How Exactly is a Telecom engineer Salary Calculated?

Average Telecom engineer salary is calculated by taking the sum of all Telecom engineer salaries in the sample pool and then dividing that sum by the total number of engineers available. This is a mean method of calculating the average. The values thus obtained can be plotted on a bar graph for better visual representation.

Where is this data collected from?

This data is collected from multiple sources including the data of MyMobiForce.

What courses can a Telecom engineer do so as to increase his salary?

Telecom engineer can apply for MMF Courses to sharpen his skills and get more groomed this can increase his current salary.